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Chinese Language and Culture


Learn more about spoken and written Chinese here.


Test out your knowledge of the Chinese language and ethnicity by taking a short quiz.


The Chinese "pinyin" phonetic system "Romanizes" their written language. The Roman alphabet is used to help language learners learn how to pronounce Chinese characters. It is important to remember, however, that the alphabet is being used to spell Chinese sounds (pinyin literally means "spell-sound") and not English sounds. To see an example of the Pinyin Romanization Table, click here.


Note that you can hear how to pronounce various sounds by clicking on various consonant ("initials" in Chinese) and vowels ("finals" in Chinese). Note as well the four different tones for each word. Each tone signifies a different meaning for the same spelling, though the English translations are not given. Moreover, Chinese is a very homophonic language (much more so than English). To learn more about Chinese tones, click here.

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